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The Sacred Healing Dance of Pet Ownership



The human and companion-animal connection is a much

deeper one than owners would normally know or realize. This

connection at its deepest level is one of unconditional love.

It is the intrinsic nature of pets to accept us for whom

or what we are, with no judgement or opinion. Moment to

moment, without us humans even being aware of it our pets

quietly take on so much of our emotional baggage and thus

mediate our journey helping us cope with our busy stressful

lives more sanely.

While we humans generally try to cope with our anxieties,

expectations, past traumas and oh dear all the worries we

carry with us on a daily basis, our pets quietly, in their own way

bring us back to presence.

While they are here for our healing, what effect does it

have of them?

Their love and presence helps us to let go, forgive and work

through our often deep seated emotions from past trauma,

both physical and emotional. Many of the physical ailments

and behavioural problems of our pets are often reflections

and/or consequence of their human companions’ stresses.

This listening and healing process provides healing for the

human spirit as well as for our animal friends. We all share a

divine love in this dance called life, and with a little awareness,

in-joy, we can walk an even richer journey together with our



Take Care in High Temperatures

• Always provide clean fresh water wherever you go with

your pet, be it to the park or to the beach.

• Dogs get hot very quickly – don’t leave them in the car

even for a few minutes, not even in the shade.

• Take care of walking dogs on tarred roads or pavements,

the surfaces are rough and too hot for their paw pads.

• Early morning or late afternoon is best for walking.

• Take birds inside during the heat of the day and keep them

out of the draft.

Social awareness

• Keep your dog on a leash. Ask if the other

person’s dog is friendly before allowing your

dog and yourself to approach.

• Have some kind of identification on your pet

– with a contact details.

• Pick up after your pet, and be mindful of

situations that may happen suddenly.

Theresa Van Der Linde – Animal/Human healer and communicator


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