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  • 2019 Advertising Options, Rates and Submission & EFT dates

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  • A VERY “Vital Amine” – Dr Estelle Moys

    A Very “Vital Amine” Nowadays, whenever people start telling me of their ailments, I often find myself wanting to recommend Vitamin C. To prevent a cold? Vitamin C. Deal with high blood pressure? Vitamin C. Inflammation or infection anywhere? C. Assist with wound healing? C.…


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  • Understand Your Child – Thozi Theko-Oum

    Body, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Are our offspring similar to pets or animals in the wild? Do they “spring out” and just imitate our movements like animals do? The “no” answer to these questions seem obvious, yet we do not really know what sets us…

  • The Power of Presence in Relationships – John Homewood

    THE POWER OF PRESENCE IN RELATIONSHIPS Winter is a time of nurturing, and one of the best ways to keep warm in winter is to snuggle with someone you love. However, for many, relationships provide not solace, but struggle and pain. Relationships are not there…

  • Discovering Inner Peace – Dr Desre Coertze

    Discovering Inner Peace People engage in spirituality or the inner path – the search for spiritual awakening and enlightenment – at different levels and for different reasons. Often the entry level is a simple interest in the purpose of life, asking Who Am I? What…

  • 2019 WINTER Event Calendar

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  • Eco-Therapy

      ECO-THERAPY “Umntu ngumntu ngabanye.” It is through our relationship with all other beings that we experience our full selves. Humans are tuned to relationship. For the largest part of our existence human beings have negotiated relationships with clawed kin, feathered otherness, tumbling rivers, sighing…

  • EDITORIAL : AUTUMN 2019 (March / April / May 2019)

    Autumn Greetings We trust that all our readers have enjoyed the festive season and are well rooted in the new tracks of 2019. No doubt with the recent spate of power outages, which may have added to the stress of managing the changes in your…

  • 2019 Advertising Options, Rates and Submission & EFT dates

    Advertising Options and EFT Rates for the four 2019 editions CLASSIFIEDS : R10 per word, with a minimum EFT rate of R100. NOTICEBOARD INSERT: R 250 per insert in the NOTICEBOARD. 25-30 words works best. More words means smaller font and decreased ease of reading.…

  • Welcoming the Cycle of Change

    AUTUMN is a season of CHANGE, and her twin sister is STRESS – they seem to go together! Fear is a big one in stress. The reason most people subconsciously fear change is they have built an identity for themselves based in time, and this…

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