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Edition: March / April 2014

  • Editorial: March / April 2014

    Greetings! We welcome two new regular contributors to our columns: Dr Melissa Arendse (ND, MSc cum laude), a Naturopath practising in Kenridge who will be writing on general health matters, and Dr Janey (BVSc), author of ‘You Can Heal Yourself From Cancer Now!’ who is…

  • Health Skin in the Midst of Change in Season

      Healthy skin in the midst of change in season As the days get shorter and the leaves turn golden brown, the change in season can unleash havoc on sensitive skin such as psoriasis. Our skin is like armour, tough enough to protect our body…

  • Chronic Dehydration … and Cancer!

      Chronic dehydration…… and cancer! We would do well to take heed of the words uttered by Dr Batmanghelidj “You are not sick, you are thirsty!” In spite of this, most people today are chronically dehydrated while unaware of the considerable negative health implications that…

  • Competition: easy living food

      Competition: Win 1 of 3 copies of ‘easy living food’ by Natalie Reid and Noel Marten Please send your name and contact details to by 31 March 2014 Related posts: earthshine – 23 raw recipes designed for great taste – FREE eBook…

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