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Improve Your Family’s Wellbeing

Improve Your Family’s Wellbeing

There are many details in our daily lives that we seem to

cope okay with, but over time, these things combine to

wear away our health and destroy it. A few practical,

manageable ways in which we could combat this and

improve our loved ones’ wellbeing follows:


Every cell needs water for our body and brain to work

effectively. Studies show that drinking water improves

children’s ability to concentrate. Drink water on rising

and throughout the day. Often, what we think is hunger

is actually thirst. So it’s a good idea to reach for a glass

of water before having that snack we think we want.

Go Raw!

Raw foods contain enzymes and nutrients destroyed by

cooking. Many people find that eating a raw, organic,

plant-based diet does wonders for their health and

wellbeing. Summer is an excellent time to introduce

more raw foods to your menu by including a salad with

each meal. Enjoy the vibrant colours, crunchy textures

and the different flavours.


This won’t cost you a cent! Chew your food (and your

drink) properly, at least 32 times before swallowing. It’s

that simple but the more you chew, the better the food

is broken down and mixed with saliva rich in digestive

enzymes. We are what we eat but we are also what we

can digest and absorb.


We are made to move, we have 360 joints which enable

us to do that and movement has a host of benefits for

our mood, circulation even pain. Stretch, walk, kick a

ball around with the kids, dance, swim, run, yoga, do

the chores to music – whatever you enjoy and can do

safely but keep moving.

Avoid Toxins

Our modern world is overloaded with substances

that our ancestors didn’t have to deal with. Plastics,

ingredients in body care and cleaning products, byproducts

of drugs that get into our water, things that in

small concentrations may not have immediate effects

on us but over time and accumulatively, act adversely.

Avoid as much as you can. Buy things in glass bottles

instead of plastic. Use waxed fabric instead of clingwrap

for school sarmies.

Take small steps, choose one habit you want to

change and focus on that until it becomes

second nature. Then, tackle the next. What

will you choose to change this summer?

By Dr Estelle Moys M.Tech.(Hom.)

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