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Spring is here. Spring is a time of restoration, purification,

rebirth, creation and expansion in nature. It is that time of year

that we can join nature and experience detoxification and

renewal. Our thoughts and dreams from the winter months are

now able to develop fed by the new season and summer sun.

If winter was hibernation dream-time for you, now is the time

to awake up. Let your dreams blossom. Because our modern

world has become so stressful and polluted, I believe that a

new all year round detox mentality needs to become normal.

The amount of toxins and the amount of stress that we are all

exposed to, necessitate constant detoxification just for survival

purposes. At present, let us follow nature, detoxify and let a

wave of new life emerge.

If you wait until some horrible disease starts up in your body,

you will still have to detoxify only the job will be ten times

bigger and harder. Toxins of one kind or another are at the

bottom of almost all diseases. Clean body temple and feed

it the nutrients that it is short of and it will heal itself. It is that

simple. Unfortunately we harbour toxins in various parts of our

anatomy due to mental and emotional stressors, resentment

or negative belief systems. In addition to physical house

cleaning, we need to do mental and emotional releasing.

Emotional wounds which you may or may not remember need

to be healed. Fortunately we have “energy psychology” (for

example EFT.) to detox these. If you are battling to detoxify and

heal at the physical level, look to the mental and emotional

sources of stress in your life. Hard to clear toxins are usually

stored in direct proportion to the amount of emotional drama

that you have stored and are carrying around with you.

Read further details about detoxification, the use of vitamins

and herbs as well as cleaning your personal environment at

this link:


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