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In the blink of an eye Christmas has come and gone
and with it comes the new year. A new year filled
with new opportunities and the infamous New Year’s
resolutions that need to be carried out. Everyone is
jumping onto the “healthy living” bandwagon and it is
commendable. However, the million dollar question is…
Where do I start?
Your body can be compared to a limited edition
sports car. However, your body is better! It is made up
of millions of cells that never stop working and your
heart will pump up to 2.5 billion times in a lifetime. Your
journey to wellness starts with making good choices. In
order for your body to function optimally, your physical,
emotional as well as mental health must be taken care
Follow these golden commandments to start your year
1. Eat a predominantly plant-based diet. When
consuming animal protein, eat chicken or turkey
and oily fish such tuna, sardines and salmon.
2. Ensure that your digestive system is working properly.
3. If you smoke, STOP!
4. Ensure that your blood pressure, cholesterol as well as blood sugar
levels are checked regularly.
6. Get active.
7. Ensure that you catch your Zzzzzz’s.
8. If you are male, have your prostate checked.
9. Both men and females should inspect their breasts regularly. Any
suspicious lumps should be reported to your health care provider immediately.
10. Be kind – not just to others but to yourself too.

Dr Melissa Arendse ND, M. Sc (Cum Laude)
021 914 4576 or 078 192 6944

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