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Why We March Against Monsanto


March Against Monsanto is a grassroots
movement founded by Tami Monroe Canal
in 2013. Every year, millions of people take to
the streets in a worldwide peaceful protest
united against Monsanto’s attempted
monopoly and corporate control over the
worlds’ seeds and food webs.
We are concerned parents and citizens from
all walks of life. We aim to raise awareness
of the destructive impact of Genetically
Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their toxic
pesticides on our communities, our health,
our environment, our economy and all living
beings. Ordinary people are outraged that
these experimental products have been
forced on us without our knowledge or
our consent. As conscious and responsible
consumers, we have a Right to Know what’s
in our food and a Right To Choose 100%
gm-free, uncontaminated, organic and
nutritious foods.
Monsanto is a U.S. chemical company
notorious for its toxic products including
Agent Orange, dioxin, DDT, PCBs and
rBGH. They have a history of environmental
destruction, pollution and cover-ups. For
decades, Monsanto has contaminated,
leaked and dumped hazardous and
toxic substances into our air, water, soils
and oceans, even the cells in our bodies!
Monsanto is associated with many of the
114 toxic superfund sites in USA.
They occupy governmental positions, lobby
politicians to influence policies favourable
to their products, and contribute enormous
sums of money to governments, universities
and agricultural groups to promote the gmo
agenda. They have been caught falsifying
and manipulating data, and have faced
numerous lawsuits for unsubstantiated
advertising, contamination and bribery.
Including in our very own South Africa.
Monsanto is the leading producer of
genetically modified seeds and Roundup,
the most widely sold weedkiller in the world.
In traditional seed breeding techniques,
peasants and farmers have carefully
selected, crossed and propagated
plants of the same species for desirable
characteristics and complex traits like flavour,
size, yield, adaption to microclimates,
disease resistance and resilience to cope
with stresses like salty water or soil, drought
and flooding.
A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is
the result of an unnatural laboratory process
taking genes from one species and inserting
them into another across the species barrier
to try to obtain a desired characteristic.
Genetic engineers force DNA from one
organism to another using bacteria or
viruses to “infect” plant or animal cells with
the new DNA, firing DNA into cells with a
gene gun, injecting new DNA into a fertilized
egg, or electrocuting the sperm membrane
to force the new DNA into the sperm.
These processes do not occur in nature.
Uncontrolled mutations and complex
interactions occur at multiple levels within
the organism when even a single new gene
is inserted.
These imprecise techniques result in
unintended and unpredictable effects
including changes in the nutritional content
of food, toxic and allergenic effects and
poor crop performance. Co-existence is not
possible as they contaminate non-GM crops
and wild relatives through horizontal gene
GMOs are living organisms – once released
into ecosystems, they cannot be recalled.
The impacts are irreversible. They continue
to multiply in the environment and GM
genes are passed on to future generations.
These risky experiments should be strictly
quarantined in laboratories.
Most GMOs are genetically engineered
for two traits: To tolerate heavy doses of
weedkillers and to resist a particular insect.
The toxin is engineered into the plant so
that every cell of the plant constantly
expresses that insecticide. The result is now
widespread weed and insect resistance
to these two traits. Farmers must use more
agrochemicals like 2,4-D and Dicamba,
and harmful chemical cocktails to combat
GMOs are patented and farmers may
not save seeds for the following crop. The
companies who profit from GMOs should
be held liable for contamination of nongm
crops. Instead, Monsanto has sued
farmers whose organic crops have been
contaminated. The Current GMOs on
the market, are a highly profitable scam
perpetrated by unscrupulous chemical
companies with criminal histories to sell their
war chemicals and patent seeds.
Chemicals pollute the air, soil, water and
oceans and contribute massively to collapse
of ecosystems and climate disruption. They
strip the soil of nutrients and kill beneficial
bacteria, microbes, pollinating insects,
birds and other non-target organisms.
Glyphosate, the active ingredient in
Roundup products, is classified by WHO
(World Health Organisation) as a Category
2A “Probable Human Carcinogen”. (as well
as countless other scientists who have found
various other side effects)
While the impacts of GMOs and
agrichemicals on humans is not being
monitored, studies show that they cause
cancer, diabetes, birth defects, infertility,
obesity, cholesterol, heart disease,
immune-deficiency diseases, damage to
kidneys, liver, hormonal disruption, allergies,
learning disorders etc. Developing infants
and children are especially vulnerable.
Thousands of scientists have stated that
there is no scientific consensus on GMO
The South African regulators do not conduct
safety tests on GMOs and pesticides and
they lack the capacity to monitor them. They
rely on data from the biotech companies
which is not published and peer reviewed
and is heavily edited under Confidential
Business Information.
South Africa is the only country in the world
where the staple food (Maize Meal) is
genetically modified! The majority doesn’t
even know what a GMO is! 86% of the maize
and amost all Soya and Cotton grown in
South Africa is GM. Most processed products
like bread, baby formula, fast foods and
snacks contain GM ingredients. Cottonseed
oil is used in tinned sea foods and vegetable
oils. Check your labels for GM ingredients
like High Fructose Corn Syrup, maltodextrins,
soy milk, protein or lecithin, Aspartame,
MSG, Flavour Enhancers, Colouring and
E-numbers etc.
The EU, USAID and mega-wealthy philanthrocapitalists
like Bill Gates have embarked on
a wave of neo-colonialism disguised under
the philanthropic mantra of “feeding the
world”. They force developing nations
into trade agreements and policy reforms
to facilitate the interests of multinational
monopolies like Monsanto, Syngenta,
DuPont, Cargill, Nestle and Pepsico (which
Gates also invests in.) These draconian
policies result in biopiracy, landgrabs, loss
of livelihoods, loss of our diverse agricultural
heritage, poverty and hunger.
Why We March Against Monsanto
Control the food and you control the world!
Studies show that peasants feed 70% of the world population
using 30% of the world’s resources. The industrial food chain feeds
30% of the world’s population using 70% of the resources. Leaders
should promote food security through sound agroecological
practices and support small farmers instead of this industrial,
petro-dependent, chemically intensive agricultural model.
Global control of commercial seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers
and genetics is now in the hands of just four corporations. Family
farmers cannot afford the inputs.
Control the food and you control the world!
The world produces enough food for 14 million people. About
50% is wasted, including the resources used to produce it. GM
monocrops are used mostly for biofuels and livestock feed, not
GMOs have been grown in USA for two decades, yet 17 million
children struggle with food insecurity. One in four children lives
without consistent access to enough nutritious food to live a
healthy life. In South Africa, where GM crops have been grown
since 1998, one in four people regularly suffers hunger and more
than half of the population are at risk of going hungry, despite the
fact that we produce more than enough food. Africa has been
transformed from a net exporter to a net importer of food.
Support local organic farmers who grow food sustainably, eat local
grown, organic, whole, nutritious foods, grow your own, get your
neighbours involved in community gardens, plant a food forest,
save your seeds, teach children to grow food, raise awareness
with family, friends and colleagues about the harmful impacts of
GMOs on our health, the environment, ecology and biodiversity,
take to the streets and join peaceful protests like March against
Monsanto, share and like anti-gmo pages, get a NO GMO bumper
sticker or t-shirt, hand out pamphlets, stick info in public places,
demand labelling, boycott gmo products, demand strict labelling
and gmo-free food at your local supermarket, sign petitions, tell
your governments and newspapers to ban GMO imports, testing
and cultivation in South Africa. Let’s take back our food!
This is only the tip of the iceberg, if you want more, please visit
these pages on Facebook:
• March Against Monsanto
• March Against Monsanto South Africa
• NO GMO South Africa
• African Centre For Biodiversity
• SA Food Sovereignty Campaign
A complete list of events can be found here:
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