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The Power of Presence in Relationships – John Homewood


Winter is a time of nurturing, and one of the best ways

to keep warm in winter is to snuggle with someone

you love. However, for many, relationships provide not

solace, but struggle and pain.

Relationships are not there necessarily to make us

happy; they are there to help us grow…

Through relationships we grow more than through any

other means. Creating and nurturing meaningful loved

based relationships are an important ingredient in our

life’s happiness – the effort is well worth the rich rewards.

To love is to recognize yourself, your true deep

Beingness, in another, for the ‘other’ is but merely a

mirror. Look deep and recognise your Divine essence

in all you meet and all you see. That is love.

While fear and anxiety are the perception of

disconnection, love is a feeling of connection to life

and all the people around us.


We yearn to be accepted for just who we are,

unconditionally, so let’s give some of that to the world.

Let’s be less judgemental, less conditional. Let us invite

unconditional love into our awareness, into our lives


My 6 Golden Keys to living fulfilled relationships are:

1. Eliminate criticism and blame – of others and yourself

2. Own your own feelings

3. Always make the present moment more important

than past and future

4. Make listening twice as important than responding

or defending

5. Allow – the other to be who they are

6. Forgive each moment as it occurs – let it go!


All our relationships reflect our selves.

They are mirrors of our own soul.

John Homewood : Integral Life Coach and

Consciousness Teacher


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