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LAUGHTER is a powerful healing tool. You cannot laugh and simultaneously hold fear and worry. It aligns the chakras and unifies your Inner Child, Adolescent and Adult. This triggers the creative right brain which releases endorphins into the system (natural anti-biotics) strengthening the immune system.…

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A WISE & EXPERIENCED COUNSELLOR : Natalia Baker Break through pain & restrictions into wisdom & understanding Find peace and enjoy your life. Start this new 7-year cycle free of old baggage. 021 788 2900 / 082 795 2826 info@nataliabaker.com www.nataliabaker.com    

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Letting Go

LETTING GO We are all a bit like the Fool in the Tarot in this cycle. He has to jump over the cliff and finds, to his amazement, he is caught, held and everything works out perfectly. He just had to LET GO AND TRUST.…