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Hayfever Help – Dr Estelle Moys

Hayfever Help A-a-a-TISHOO! It’s that time of year when the pollens agitate our noses and eyes and ears with sneezing, itching and runny, watery discharges. Animal dander, dust, feathers and mold spores can also cause allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hayfever. For the allergyprone, what…

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A VERY “Vital Amine” – Dr Estelle Moys

  A Very “Vital Amine” Nowadays, whenever people start telling me of their ailments, I often find myself wanting to recommend Vitamin C. To prevent a cold? Vitamin C. Deal with high blood pressure? Vitamin C. Inflammation or infection anywhere? C. Assist with wound healing?…

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Boost Your Immune System

The start of Autumn is a good time to strengthen our immune systems so that we can withstand the onslaught of the dreaded winter lurgies. The symptoms of coughing, sneezing, even fever are signs that our bodies are working hard to keep us healthy. What…