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Herbs for Sex – Ladies

For women my favourite herb is Shatavari, for she “who
possesses a hundred husbands” given as a rejuvenative tonic
for the reproductive system, reducing vaginal atrophy and dryness. Blood
flow to the hypogastric-vaginal and clitoral arterial bed is also increased
with herbs that enhance nitrous oxide synthesis. Phytooestrogenic herbs such
as Fennel and Cayenne stimulate the receptor zones along the pudendal
nerve with a vasoprotective and dilatory effect, increasing vaginal, clitoral
and urethral arterial flow. However this is not a “home remedy”! Where
vaginismus or dyspareunia (pain on intercourse) is prevalent herbs that
relax the smooth muscle and the levator ani muscles of the vagina and the
pelvis can be useful, such as Ginger, Crampbark and Wild yam which acts
as an antispasmodic. Monk’s pepper works on the hypothalamic-pituitary
axis, balancing the oestrogen-progesterone ratio with a dopaminergic
effect on the pituitary. This herb is used in the treatment of premenstrual
and peri-menopausal states. Licorice acts as an adrenal tonic and works on
low DHEA levels, great in combination with Puncture vine for its androgen
increasing properties and for treating low vitality, low energy, low oestrogen,
low libido, hot flushes and stress, the common presentations in menopause.
Including plenty of phytooestrogens in the diet such as sprouts, legumes and
tofu can provide significant nutritional nourishment.
Emotional, intellectual, and relationship factors are critical in the treatment
of any sexual issues, where the brain is the crux of the sexual response and
motivational drive. Equally integral are positive self-esteem and body image
along with the ability to communicate sexual and emotional needs to your
partner. A healthy libido is a natural adaptation to a healthy relationship. Any
anger in a relationship or overwhelming life experience requires expression,
time and a supportive environment within which to heal.
Herbal treatment may be used to great effect, but ideally should be done
in consultation with a phytotherapist to obtain the right herbs to treat your
individual condition and circumstances. As always it is critical to ensure
that any herbs you take are not contraindicated with regards to other
Written by: Dr Carla Boswell, 70 Barnet Street, Gardens
Tel: 021-465-2870, Cell: 072-056-7731
Herbs for sex – ladies
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