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Healing Tai Chi Classes Cape Town

Healing Tai Chi Classes Cape Town
Though described as an exercise – even the Perfect
Exercise – Tai Chi is more than a simple exercise.
Tai Chi is a framework for dealing with different
forces and interactions in life.
• Qi – an energy force thought to flow through the
body; Tai Chi is said to unblock and encourage
the proper flow of qi.
• Yin and yang – opposing elements thought
to make up the universe that need to be kept in
Tai Chi is said to promote this balance.
So you will to see, not only all the health benefits
of Tai Chi, but you will also be able to meditate,
calm your mind as well as develop yourself as an
effective martial artist through the art of soft and
powerful movements.
So, do yourself a favor. Join me and devote some
time to making Tai Chi a way of life. The benefits
are well worth the effort.
Classes are held:
Monday evenings 18h00–19hh00
Thursday mornings 08h15–09h15
Classes for people with Parkinson’s:
Tuesday mornings 10h15–11h15
Thursday mornings 09h15–10h15
Private classes for people who cannot attend due
to any kind of illness may also be arranged in the
privacy of one’s own home.
Union Congretational Church Hall
cnr Kloof Street and Eaton Road, Kloof St,
Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 8001
Instructor: Su Lubner
(M.A. Arts therapies)
Call: 083 3795405

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