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Hair Balancing

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According to Yogi Bhajan hair fashion trends may just be
temporary, nonetheless when we investigate a little, we
may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one
of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.
Take into consideration for a moment, that the hair on
your head exist for more than just beauty purposes!
Experiencing a haircut with a distinct difference might
be the answer to let go of stress-related issues, fears and
Hair and Balance is a technique that combines the
physical act of a professional haircut with the energetic
harmonisation of the body, mind and spirit. The way our
hair is cut affects us in many more ways than we can
imagine. Do you know that one function of the hair is
receiving imformation and frequencies from the world
around?When your hair is not balanced you can feel
out of sorts like having a bad hair day. Ancient as well
as modern cultures and religions have always known the
subtle and powerful energy held within one’s own hair.
A hair cut does not only cut off energy, it also sends subtle
vibrations down each hair stimulating the hair follicles,
nerve endings and energy points on the scalp. Have you
ever had a haircut that made you feel uncomfortable?
The reason for that is that when your hair is cut one
should also take in account the unique hair types, hair
growth patterns, texture and not forgetting the client that
has their own ideas, reactions, personality and lifestyle.
Consequently, a haircut can affect people on a mental
level, for example if the fringe left too heavy or too long
or you like to grow your hair and too much is cut off, or
layers have been cut too short or left too long….Many
hairdressers have acquired hair cutting skills, few can
cut well and even fewer understand the spiritual and
energetic facets of the treatment.
Hair & Balance is a one on one haircut based on special
care and attention, in a relaxed environment for one
to unwind, relax and let go. Diana Aberle is a german
master hairdresser with over 30 years experience in the
hair industry. She is the founder of Charisma Coaching,
a workshop to refine ones image and authenticity.
Moreover she is a stress release practitioner of various
techniques including emotional freedom technique (EFT).
For more information visit
or contact Diana directly at (078) 7573013

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