LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial November / December 2012

Dear LinkUp Readers,
There is a definite change in the air whether good or bad, only
time will tell.
Our AWESOME competition for Nov/Dec Issue is REALLY terrific:
1ST prize: FREE attendance to the first ‘Cancer Alive’ seminar to be
held on 30 Nov – 1 December. This prize is valued at R4 700!
2nd prize: A half-price ticket to the above seminar valued at R2 350.
3rd prize on offer is the book, ‘You Can Heal Yourself From Cancer
Have a quick cup of herbal tea and a read on page 5 on using
Emotional Freedom Technique by Dr Melissa Brown-resident
Naturopath. You will also find an article on page 19 on Leaky Gut,
happy reading.
Bumper bonus issue: Win a free NLP manual from Jevon Dangeli!!
KÅRE LANDFALD from Norway will be doing transformational Zen
workshops in Cape Town, read all the info on page 4 and 16.
It is indeed nearly the end of the year and we praise you for your
enduring spirit, keep it up the holidays are almost here. It’s been a
tough one. Phew!
I dedicate this issue to my late mother, Desireè who also always had a gentle
smile, a helping hand, generous heart and huge amount s of love & kindness
for everyone. We miss you so!
By the time you can make ends meet they move the ends.

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