LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial May/June 2018

This will be my last editorial. It is time for me to hand over
the reins of Link-Up and build up my Bowen Technique
practice and continue training in the Emmett Technique. It
has been 10 years since I took on Link-Up and it has been
quite a journey. I have learned a lot about the advertising
and publishing worlds, about different therapies, modalities
and products. I have enjoyed interacting with so many of
you and have had some wonderful experiences. I hand
over to Anne Lise Bure, of the Novalis Ubuntu Institute, and
Helga Steyn who both have a passion and an appreciation
for Link-Up. There will not be a July/August issue but the
magazine will be relaunched in September as a quarterly
publication instead of every second month. I know I leave
i t in good hands.
Congratulations to Heradine Hugo who has won the
Enchantrix hamper from the March issue. I will have the
privilege of drawing one more winner for the May/June issue
s o send in your entry. Maybe this time it will be your turn!
We have an inspirational article for you to read in this issue
by John Homewood and Corne Mac Kenzie tell us more
a bout her coaching service.
The recent rains have been most welcome and I look
forward to more this winter. How lovely it is to hear the rain
pattering down onto the roof. But please, let’s keep on with
every effort to keep within the 50L quota so that our dams
c an refill.
B est wishes to you all, thank you for your support of Link-Up.

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