LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial: March / April 2014

We welcome two new regular contributors to our
columns: Dr Melissa Arendse (ND, MSc cum laude), a
Naturopath practising in Kenridge who will be writing
on general health matters, and Dr Janey (BVSc), author
of ‘You Can Heal Yourself From Cancer Now!’ who is
dedicated to empowering individuals both in preventing
and healing from cancer.
Congratulations to Linsey Bippert who is the winner of our
Enchantrix giveaway. I trust you will enjoy the products
in the hamper. This issue, we have 3 copies of Easy Living
Food by Natalie Reid and Noel Marten up for grabs.
There are a number interesting and varied happenings
on the go that are being advertised in this edition. If you
go along, please let them know you saw it in the Link Up.
As the season starts to change and becomes cooler,
please look after yourselves. I am hearing much good
about Vitamin D in preventing colds and flu symptoms.
Take care

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