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Discovering Inner Peace – Dr Desre Coertze

Discovering Inner Peace

People engage in spirituality or the inner path – the

search for spiritual awakening and enlightenment – at

different levels and for different reasons. Often the entry

level is a simple interest in the purpose of life, asking

Who Am I? What is Life?

– or as a result of a life-changing situation. The motivation

lies in the exploration of the outer world with all its ups

and downs.

For many seekers the engagement can remain an

interest: like reading, exploring different spiritual

teachers and their practices, attending retreats or

workshops. When, and if, interest becomes a passion,

there is a shift from information and interest to personal

engagement on a far deeper level than knowledge

and understanding, extensive philosophical debate or

the knowledge of exotic or foreign words.

The shift asks for a turning inward and exploration of

one’s inner reality. With guidance from those who have

advanced on the path, seekers are initially pointed to

developing inner awareness, exploring the two inner

modes of life; that of ego-mind and suffering (lower

consciousness) or that of inner peace and flow (higher


Once inner stillness is discovered, this ability allows the

student to release the attachments to those things we

find so important in life. Only when we have released

attachment to the body, mind, personality and life

situations can we fully be available to an existence

beyond the suffering and fear of lower consciousness.

In time, and with dedication, one’s inner transformation

begins to translate across all other activities of life and

the ability to live one’s inner greatness is realised.

by Dr Desré Coertze

Wisdom Circle Teacher –

Transpersonal Psychologist, Consciousness Coach,

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Mystic.


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