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Competition: Win A FREE NLP session with Jevon Dangeli

Going META in NLP is the process of becoming aware of your thought stream, without being
washed away by it, and in that ‘special’ awareness finding clarity, focus and choice.
Going META means ‘stepping outside of yourself’ and gaining a fresh perspective. It’s the process of
detaching from your current point of view and expanding your perception to that of a dissociated
observer. It’s like becoming a fly on the wall who sees the big picture and doesn’t mind what it sees.
The first trick to successfully going META is to accept that any point of view is never the final
answer. The map is not the territory. Our internal representations (maps) are always subjective, and
it’s our internal representations that determine our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Accepting this
fact means gaining greater freedom over how you respond to people and situations.
There are certain challenges in life where going META is especially helpful. Find out what these are
by reading the article on the following link, then provide us with your answer to be in the running
for a free NLP session with Jevon Dangeli (NLP Trainer & Coach)
1st correct entry with your name, email address and contact details sent to:
will win. Winners to be notified in the following issue.


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