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Competition: Attendance to ‘Cancer Alive’ seminar

Cape Town author presents……
‘You Can HealYourself From Cancer Now!’
… the book which is offering renewed hope to cancer
patients and their families around the world!
In this ground-breaking new book, the reader
is introduced to a ‘new’ approach to cancer
that few people are aware of. Moving away
from the obsession of fighting the tumour with
toxic chemicals and radiation, the author shares
a fresh understanding of cancer that respects
and aligns with the wisdom of the body and
promotes powerful healing by addressing and
correcting the root cause.
As the author, Dr Janey Little explains, when you
change your approach to cancer, everything
changes; your treatment, your experience of
having cancer, and finally………your success in
overcoming it!
‘You Can Heal Yourself From Cancer Now!’
is essential reading for anyone who has cancer,
anyone who lives in fear of a cancer relapse,
or anyone who simply wishes to do everything
possible to avoid a cancer diagnosis in the
The book is available for purchase at
The author is offering one reader the amazing
prize of free attendance to the first ‘Cancer Alive’
seminar to be held on 30 November – 1 December.
This prize is valued at R4 700! The second prize on
offer is a half-price ticket to the seminar valued at
R2 350. Third prize on offer is the book, ‘You Can
Heal Yourself From Cancer Now!’
To enter the competition, readers simply need to
answer the following question correctly: ‘What does
BPA stand for and why does it’s use in plastics and
tin cans pose a breast cancer risk?’
The answer is available at
Answers are to be emailed to:
The draw will take place on 20 Nov, and the
winners will be notified via email.

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