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LOUISE HAY – Heal Your Life

Love Yourself || Heal Your Life Personal empowerment programs created by Louise Hay, gently and effectively teach, coach & empower you to transform your health, relationships and sense of certainty in your life. We are inspired to share this experience with you. Sandy Albarran 082…

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The Awakening with John Homewood

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UNDERSTAND YOUR CHILD Parent-to-Parent Discussion | Groups & Individual Sessions ONE session will change your life Booking : whatsapp:0795063669  

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A WISE & EXPERIENCED COUNSELLOR : Natalia Baker Break through pain & restrictions into wisdom & understanding Find peace and enjoy your life. Start this new 7-year cycle free of old baggage. 021 788 2900 / 082 795 2826    

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Coaching & Stress Relief

Holistic Stress & Tension Relief Body, mind and energy modalities Book your no-charge no-obligation initial consultation on Durbanville  

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SO Symphony (Self & Other)

Integrated Intuitive Coaching and Energy Healing Come honour all your aspects with this specialised Heartmind, Bodymind experience … Fadeela Ally-Schmidt | 074-1379-046 | 021-797-1857 |  

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Intuitive Life Coach / Healer / Accurate readings – Madge Deacon.

Intuitive Life Coach / Healer / Accurate readings “Madge works on a deep and sacred level to re-align and re-condition your soul and body” Workshops: 14 Sep / 12 Oct / 16 Nov Madge healed herself from Bell’s Palsy in only 10 days. Phone 072-378-0033…