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6. RAWlean: Raw Food Preparation Classes and Competition

Join RAWlean for a fun filled amazing experience, learn about RAW options, receive RECIPES, ask questions about HEALING the body and WEIGHT loss through HEALTHY eating.  This workshop is not just about raw food preparation, it is also about understanding the connectedness of body, mind, heart and spirit.

Come and enjoy the experience and eat the food we LOVINGLY prepare together.

What do we mean when we say Raw Food?  We are talking about eating high vibrational, healthy, nutritious foods rich in minerals that are easily absorbed into the body. That means uncooked and unprocessed foods.

Value of prize is R350.00  Please email: with the correct answer, your name, e-mail and contact number.  Question: How many kilograms did Rolene lose?  ROLENE SHER, founder and director of New Beginnings, has researched, developed and delivered the New Beginnings Empowerment Workshops for the last 9 years, and over the last year has created the RAWlean workshops.  Both sets of workshops are unique and powerful and both have been facilitated in the corporate market and on wellness days and are taking the country by storm.  Rolene (RAWlean) transformed her eating lifestyle with a positive approach that has enabled her to successfully lose 37 kilos and heal her body from Breast Cancer by changing the way she eats, thinks and exercises. Learn how to improve your lifestyle by adding some RAW option eating programme and when you actually feel the difference you will be ready to add more.

My RAWfood prep workshops are not just about food, they are much much more. We look at and discover our relationship to the Universe and how everything we do is connected, the use and power of words on our psyche, the value of breathing, exercise, and making healthy choices for us as individuals. At the workshop you receive RECIPES, and ask questions about HEALING the body and WEIGHT loss through HEALTHY eating.

Rolene has also devoted herself to studying and applying nutrition and wellness through ‘How to heal the Body though Food and Life Style Changes’ meeting her incredible personal challenge of healing from breast cancer. Rolene has hosted her own radio show and been a regular guest commentator on several radio stations in Botswana and South Africa. She combines her passion for life and her varied life’s experiences with practical business experience, dynamic people skills, keen sense of humour and a professional approach to ensure that her inspirational training workshops and talks, achieve lasting results.

Rolene’s (RAWlean) vision is to touch the lives of millions and facilitate change on the planet through enabling people to glimpse and begin their own personal journey of understanding ‘Who They Really Are’, to use this knowledge to facilitate living a life of abundance, radiant health and open into their own intrinsic magnificence. In contributing to the lives of such individuals, the natural evolution then come together in teams through corporate and teambuilding experiences, the entire community begins to see and feel the shift…profound change, one person at a time.   For more information about workshops in your area phone:  Rolene 082 700 6669 or 021 701 2973.  E-mail: /  Facebook:

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