LinkUp Western Cape

EDITORIAL SPRING 2019 (September / October / November)

Spring Greetings

Having just celebrated Madiba month and writing this editorial

in the middle of Women’s Month, there is much to celebrate.

For Link-Up Team, it’s the completion of Year One since

receiving the magazine from Estelle. It has been great to get to

work with Link-Up partners and associates, and together find

ways to serve the larger Western Cape Community, spreading

awareness, one link at a time in the many ways that inspire us

to share: in education, health, care for the environment and our

animals, economics, relationships, family and interfaith.

A New Year begins in the natural garden – for some the 1st,

others 21st September marking Spring. It’s the return of the Sun,

bringing warmer, longer light days with a promise of new harvest.

The ancient peoples have followed this Sun Path for thousands

of years, and Dean Liprini, student of Credo Mutwa, shows us

the journey of the solar calendar edged into the pathways in the

local Cape Region, reminding us of our heritage and splendor

in being alive and thriving on this Life Journey through the

seasons. How are you doing coming out of the winter months?

Are you initiating a new thriving cycle? Write in and tell us your

stories, we are interested.

‘Nature is everything and you are a part of Nature’

– Credo Mutwa

We celebrate the abundant rain filling the dams that will support

new growth and nourishment, conscious of using this precious

element with care. ‘Climate Change’ is high on the agenda

everywhere and we support the activism of Global Youth calling

all adults and elders to support conscious and healthy living.

We trust that you find the articles in this issue helpful and

interesting – ‘hayfever help’ may support those challenged by

nasty Spring allergies. How much do you know about ‘cool

currencies and talent exchange’ – their new website is worth

checking out; and read about ‘let Hope fly’ – with the invitation

to the annual kite festival in Muizenberg and an article on mental

health, spreading awareness.

Congratulations to our winner of the Winter issue’s MASSAGE

GIVEAWAY: Wendy Clews. Thank you to all those many

participants who wrote in.

Lastly, and not least, we want to acknowledge our delight in

receiving the abundant generosity – see back page – “Year One”

Community Gifts, and do not miss out on these super Gifts from

Nature’s Deli Health Shop, Organic Zone, Oakhurst Farm Stall,

OSHUN Garden and Interiors, Simply Natural Health Shop,

SureTouch, Waterstone Health Shop, and Zetler Pharmacy. As

there is no more space in this issue, we are pleased to let you

know that more gifts will be available in the Summer issue.

Anyone wanting to offer more products or services into this

community basket, please email us.

Thank you for such abundant gifting – we are all thriving !

Warm greetings

Anne-Lise and Zephne


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