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Why making each second count is more important than counting calories

4c lorraine editorial

At the beginning of last year, each of us received
31 556 926 seconds to use as we wish. Sometimes our actions
were purposeful and those seconds were spent wisely, moving
us closer to our desired goals. At other times, less wise choices
pushed us even further away from the vision which seemed so
clear at the beginning of the year.
If you are satisfied that the way your seconds were spent
brought you closer to your desired future, you have reason to
celebrate and you will be rewarded with the fruit of your efforts.
Less satisfied? Perhaps you started off hopeful and inspired, but
then life with all its challenges slowed down your progress. Too
many crises, functions and celebrations, and a host of other
factors collaborated to sabotage your good intentions.
In Greek Mythology an unfortunate soul, Sisyphus, is punished
to push an enormous boulder uphill only to let go of it before he
reaches the top, and then the hard work starts over: Up, down.
Over and over for all of eternity.
When our behaviour interferes with the goals we set for
ourselves it is said to be self-defeating behaviour. A good
example of self-sabotage is when you try to reach a desired
weight, and then you indulge in something you know will cause
a gain.
The resulting feeling of guilt and lowered confidence in one’s
ability to reach the desired goal can set in motion a chain
reaction of self-defeating actions causing you, like Sisyphus, to
plunge right back to where you started.
The good news is that you don’t need extra will–power to
overcome your self-sabotaging tendencies. An inspiring way
to keep you from sliding backward is to change from merely
counting calories and steps, to making each second count in
a meaningful way:
Count your thoughts. While thoughtless words can cause serious
injury to another human being, your own negative thought
patterns, if allowed to, can damage your ability to advance
in the direction of your goals. Changing your thinking could
change your destiny.
Count your blessings. There is plenty of scientific evidence
indicating that a contented soul is much less likely to be
tempted by short lived distractions along the way. It is virtually
impossible to feel grateful and deprived at the same time.
Count the meaningful moments on your journey as you move
toward your desired goal. Look at the bigger picture of better
health, more energy and more confidence and celebrate the
small rewards which come with permanent lifestyle changes.
May the year ahead be a purposeful and victorious one for you.
Club No Mo Yo-Yo meets each second Saturday of the month to
offer support and useful information to individuals who want to
learn how healthy living improves healthy weight-management.

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