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What is Awakening ?


Human consciousness can be divided into just two categories:

fear and love. All our actions, thoughts and emotions can

be traced back to either of these two primary states of


In the old world, reality is mind-based and projected along a

linear timeline of past and future. The predominant sponsoring

thought pattern of this mind-matrix world is FEAR – False

Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is the (mis)perception of separation and is channelled

through the old survival brain. This old part of the brain deals

with instinct and ritualistic behaviour, including the fight or

flight and competitive response. It has an ‘eye for an eye’

approach to life, and is embedded in the constricted ‘me’,

‘mine’ and ‘my’ view of the world. This old way of seeing has

led to a destructive civilisation, and to an outside observer

must surely be seen as insane.

The awakened awareness is based in LOVE. LOVE is the

awareness of oneness and the felt sense of connectedness of

and with all life.

Awakening can be said to be the shift in consciousness

from fear to love, from separation to connection.

Tip: Right now:

Make the present moment more important to you than your story.

John Homewood

Integral Life Coach and Consciousness Teacher


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