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What are you present to in this moment?

7 Jevon editorial

What are you present to in this moment?
Here, where I am sitting now – by the beach at
Langebaan lagoon, the glowing full moon is about to
sink beyond the atlantic ocean horizon in front of me
and the sun is about to rise behind me. It’s an exquisite
moment! Although I’d be inclined to simply experience it
and savour each bit of it, I want something of its essence
to be shared in this message….long pause…
Rolling waves caressing the shore, soaring seagulls
illuminated in the sky by the first rays of the rising sun,
a gentle breeze on my back, the vastness of this
magnificent panorama, a feeling of awe and deep
gratitude within me…long pause….
Regardless of where you are or what you are involved in,
there’s always an opportunity to become mindful of what
is present – to become more aware of what is unfolding
in both your inner and outer world simultaneously. In so
doing, you become less controlled by thought patterns
and habits, and as such, you become more fully you!
Mindfulness Exercise
Take 5-10 minutes to notice your thoughts, feelings and
whatever your attention is drawn to. Return as often as
necessary to being the witness of your experience each
time your attention drifts.
The object of the exercise is to practice being a neutral,
yet empathetic observer of your experience from
moment to moment without labelling or judging your
experience. Should you find yourself labelling or judging
any aspect of your experience, then immediately return
to being the neutral, yet empathetic observer of that
internal process.
This exercise can be done as a form of meditation
– seated with your back up straight, or standing, or
walking mindfully.
Make it easy for yourself: Set a timer to chime every
minute. The chime sound can serve as a reminder to
snap into the present moment (should your mind be
drifting without you being consciously aware of it).
Simply be mindful for a while. It’s better for you than you
can think!
The moon has retired, the sun caresses my back with its
early morning radiance…it’s a wonderful moment to be
What are you present to in this moment?
By Jevon Dängeli – MSc Transpersonal Psychology,
NLP Trainer

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