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Website: Psychological Counsellors Registery of Southern Africa

The purpose of the Psychological Counselling website is twofold.

Firstly, to give anyone in need of counselling, whether it be individuals or companies, a single destination

to search for an appropriate psychological counsellor, psychiatrist or psychologist, in their geographical

area, and to have all the counsellors` particulars at their finger tips.

Secondly, to give practitioners a platform to advertise their expertise – to individuals in need of counselling,

& companies in need of counselling for their staff or an industrial psychologist if need be; as well as to

other practitioners for referal purposes or supervision.

It is not a requirement to be registered with any governmental body to add your practice to this site.

• trauma counselling • marriage or couples counselling

• pre-marital counselling • abuse

• personal growth • self esteem

• conflict management • effective communication

• interpersonal skills • relationships, anxiety

• family counselling • grief & loss

• addiction/substance abuse • eating disorders

• teen counselling • depression

• counselling children • conflict

• anger management • sexual issues, etc.

are all areas where the counsellor can offer expertise

Please visit our website at

if you are looking for a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist in your area. If you would like to list your

practice,  anywhere in Southern Africa, just follow the steps on the website, or contact us on 021-702-2714 or

email us at

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