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Understand Your Child


There is more to child development than what ordinary parents,

like me, know.

According to some psychologists, every maturation stage; and

an entry to the next one, presents a crisis within a child.

Maturation is a state when one has come to know something

very well. Immaturity is a time before that. Like all of us, when

we’ve come to know something; we outgrow it; we want

something different. That something different is unknown.

The unknown is scary for everyone, more so for children. Adults

have confronted the unknown many times in their lives and

development. Children however, are excited about new

discoveries, and about growing up. Yet once something has

been mastered, there’s a drive to desire the next mastery. All

this is in the subconscious mind.

What is more conscious is the void;

the unknown; the uncertainty.

We need to remember that

development is rapid in children,

while it has slowed down in adults.

Therefore, these uncertainties

create subtle inner crisis in children.

As parents we know more about

these feelings. We also know our

children more than anyone else.

Our job is just to pay attention,

listen compassionately and guide.

By Thozi Theko-Oum


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