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Understand Your Child – Thozi Theko-Oum

Body, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

Are our offspring similar to pets or animals in the wild?

Do they “spring out” and just imitate our movements

like animals do? The “no” answer to these questions

seem obvious, yet we do not really know what sets us


We treat children like little versions of ourselves. Most

times we treat them like little empty vessels that need

to be filled up with information, especially in terms of


What if we were to consider that there are forces

invisible to us, that are alive in children? Life-forces that

stimulate growth exist in all living things. These forces

stimulate animal and plant growth. However, humans

are more than that, they consist of body, soul and spirit.

Therefore, there must be soul-forces and spirit-forces

that stimulate the mental and the spiritual aspects of

a human being. We are witness to the effects of these

forces, even though we cannot see and touch them.

Honouring and nurturing these may mean that we start

recognising that these forces are alive in every child,

and that they carry some knowing, which is beyond

our own cognition. We know these forces stimulate

creative abilities like talking, thinking; music, art and

interpersonal skills, and self-confidence and emotional

intelligence in humans. This therefore means that a

child comes into this world with some inner-knowing.


Perhaps our task, as parents and guardians, is to first

acknowledge these forces exist within us, too, and then

holistically guide and support this child being in a way

that stimulates their growth to not merely

exist, but THRIVE!

By Thozi Theko-Oum.

A Chance for Every Child


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