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TRE® – Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise

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TRE® – Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise

There is much that can be done to self-improve
our health and well-being, and particularly within
the realm of unconscious processes of the mindbody
continuum. TRE® – Tension & Trauma Releasing
Exercises represents one such potential method.
TRE®, created by a traumatologist Dr David Berceli
PhD, is an effective stress, tension, anxiety and trauma
releasing, self-care method, that consists of learning
a simple set of stretches that evoke a self-controlled
muscular shaking process called neurogenic muscle
tremors. These safe and pleasant tremors generate in
the pelvic area and reverberate outward along the
spine, releasing stress and tension from the sacrum
to the cranium, restoring the nervous system back to
balance, inducing a sense of peace and inner calm.
It’s self-releasing approach offers both, short-term
and long-term recovery benefits, effectively relieving
aches and pains, anxiety, lack of concentration,
headaches, muscle tension, period pains, fatigue,
stomach upsets, sleep problems, restlessness,
irritability, anger and various other stress related
TRE® is cost-effective and can be easily taught, either
one-on-one, or to a large groups of individuals. The
exercises are simple, easy to learn and adaptable to
suit individual fitness and physical capabilities. There
is no need to talk about the past experiences.
“There is more wisdom in your body than in your
deepest philosophy.” Friedrich Nietzsche
TRE® – Tension & Trauma
Releasing Exercise
Metka Zurman
Life Coach | Facilitator
Advanced Trauma Release Provider

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