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Transform your Life through Mindfulness

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Transform your Life through Mindfulness by Denis Ginn
Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk and world peace proponent, says the following regarding
Mindfulness – “The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces
those we love, they will bloom like flowers”.
Mindfulness trains you to take a soul perspective on your everyday living. You learn to respond to your
life as the compassionate witness, as opposed to reacting to your life as your out-of-depth personalityself.
Your world is gradually transformed for the greatest good.
The sustained practice of Mindfulness leads you gently away from fear, anxiety and stress towards an
equanimity experienced as inner peace and centredness. True to the proverb “fear and courage are
brothers”, fear never seems to be eradicated permanently, yet Mindfulness can allow you to embrace
it and manage it courageously.
Perhaps the following door analogy gives a succinct interpretation of Mindfulness in action –
‘Picture a closed door in your mind’s eye.
In front of the door stands your personality and your personal reality.
The closed door is comprised of your thoughts and emotions.
Behind the door is your essence, that is, your deeper wiser Self or Soul.
Mindfulness is the key that unlocks the door, and puts your thoughts and emotions aside for a while.
The gap created by the open door allows the Light of Awareness to shine through.
This gap in thinking and emoting allows your wiser Self to send you creative solutions and upliftment.”
You will observe your everyday life improving through: stress relief, optimal health, a growing compassion
and more loving relationships through deeper communication.
Mindfulness teaches you awareness – a deep focus on feeling – beyond thought and emotion. Daily
practice involves creating gaps in thinking throughout your day — putting your personality self aside and
thereby providing calm relief from emotional bombardment. There are various Mindfulness practices
such as focusing on the breath, listening to the silence between sounds and feeling your inner energy
body. The beauty of Mindfulness is that you can enter the calm centered state, no matter what frenetic
activity you find yourself engaged in, although this does take practice.
Denis Ginn with the School of Intuition & Healing will hold the course:
Mindfulness: The Compassionate Witness. Thursdays: 19, 26 May and 2 & 9 June 7.30-9.30 pm
in Wynberg. Enquiries:

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