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Traditional Chinese Medicine – Dr Linda Lee

14c Dr Linda Lee

“caring for life, the wise must adapt themselves to the fluctuation of cold and
heat in the four seasons, live peacefully and practice temperance in joy and
anger, balance between yin and yang, strength and gentleness. Hence no
outward evil can impair their health and they will enjoy long lives”
The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic 100BCE to 200CE.
Health preservation, in Traditional Chinese Medicine
(TCM), consists of balancing and regulating: the diet,
sleeping patterns, emotions, physical movement and
also adaptation to changes.
Regulation of the diet: Diet plays an important role in
the development of illnesses and disease, it can make
symptoms better or worse. For example: excessive
consumption of fatty, sweet, greasy and spicy foods
as well as alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of
coffee, in other words hot stimulants, can damage or
aggravate the digestive process.
Regular suitable movement for the body/mind: Yoga,
Tai-ji and Qi Gong are traditional exercise programmes
that cultivate the body and relax the mind. Regular
practice will release tension in the muscles, keep the
joints lubricated and open, allows the blood to flow
smoothly, improves bone structure and increases
bone density. Tai-ji and Qi gong will also relax tension
in the mind helping to alleviate stress, anger, anxiety,
restlessness and irritability. In TCM the body and the
mind are related and impact on each other.
Regular sleeping habits: Going to bed early, getting
a good night’s sleep, or at least adequate rest is very
important to preserve health and also for replenishment
of the body’s resources. In modern society the emphasis
on daytime mental activity coupled with stress has
encroached on the night-time sleep and rest period
resulting in sleep that is poor in quality and short on
quantity. Lack of adequate sleep can cause, for
example, unhealthy weight gain.
Regulation of the emotions/mind: “Life comes to man
but once and the past will never come again, why
not control the seven emotions and cultivate the
temperament to protect yourself against disease?” Sun
Preserving a tranquil mind means regulation of mood,
the tempering of excessive emotions and the cultivation
of a quiet clear mind. Excessive emotions such as anger,
fear, worry and over-thinking can cause imbalances and
damage to the physiological functioning of the body/
mind. Inner strength and peace can be developed
by regular relaxation of the body/mind as peace is an
internal state.
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