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Tip: How to make difficult decisions easy

14 jevon

Tip: How to make difficult decisions easy

How did you experience yourself the last time you
made a good decision? Right at that moment you
knew you’d made the right choice, how did you feel?
Your answer to those two previous questions should be
the particular state that you were in at the moment
you made the good decision. Accessing that state
as a starting point in any decision making process is
how you can continue making good decisions. How
to access that state is through remembering exactly
how it felt, what your physical posture was and the
way in which you were thinking and behaving at
that moment. Now, shift your body to resemble that
good decision state and tune into being that person in
the present. Then ask yourself what the best decision
is regarding your current issue and go with the first
impulse that occurs to you.
It’s that easy to make the choice that’s right for you

This tip was provided by Jevon Dängeli
MSc Psychology, NLP Trainer

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