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Take back your midlife mojo

Take back your midlife mojo
I laughed aloud when I read Susan Scott saying, “Life
is Curly”. Isn’t it just? It’s a sweet way to describe what
you’re going through.
In the middle of your life, you’re staring down change,
confusion, pain and disappointment. Dumped,
betrayed, divorced, retrenched or blurry on the purpose
and direction of your life, you’re bored or stretched and
cannot remember the real YOU.
You tune out, stuff it down and try to push on, wondering
if there is a way out.
I’ve been where you are. I’m here to tell you that there
is a way through. Not out. Through.
Through is where transformation is. Out will work for a
while, but you’re bound to land in a similar place in time.
When you commit to work your way through, you learn
to hold your own, no matter what life hands you.
I coach people like you through some of the toughest
times of their lives. Change is hard. I help them to walk
the red-hot coals of through.
After 10 years of coaching leaders in organizations and
navigating my own midlife wobble, I established my
midlife coaching practice, Restless and Aware.
Restless can be the bleary-eyed, sleepless hag, the
fidgety fool and yeah, exactly the messy thicket and
sticky bog of your current life. But it can also be the
poised warrior, daring to do something important, like
going through. The edgy, courageous animal inside that
takes you to the threshold of a life worthy of another
wholehearted bash.
Aware is the key. It’s where we wake up. It’s what helps
us to grow our grit. The clarity that makes us roll with
life’s punches, wipe the mud from our faces and do it
all again.
You can use your boredom, lost dreams, dead
relationships, unwelcome changes and soul-smashing
career as intel to chart a new course and create an
invigorating new reality for your life.
Coaching is a nebulous concept. Instead of explaining
it, I’ll tell you this: I help you get clear on what you really
want; dare challenge your limiting thoughts, habits,
assumptions and beliefs; show up obstacles and ignite
life actions for you to reclaim your soul, your identity.
Psyched and inspired, you will lean into the life that you
desire and deserve.
More powerful than you know, you can recreate your
life towards purpose and passion. What’s on the other
side of through is really up to you. But I like what David
Whyte says: “Everything is waiting for you.”
To have a deep coaching experience that will change
your life, let’s start the conversation. Corné Mac Kenzie
082 222 6360 or 021 715 3772. Call me.

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