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Sound Medicine


Sound is the perfect healing tool for a world that is out of sync with the frequency of the earth.

When walking in the city we often experience chaos, and a cacophony of sounds (engines, music, voices etc.) creating disharmony. We often talk about ‘living

in harmony with nature, with people’. But once harmony is lost, what can we actually do to restore it?

What exactly is missing? Whenever we are in nature we experience how perfect nature is, in all its glory. It sounds and feels harmonious.

Harmony cannot be established partially. Events in the world remind us all of this. Everyone is influenced by disharmony. People and the natural elements seem always to find ways to attract our attention. Nature re-invents herself ongoingly. The recent forest fires, as well as a period of extreme drought are examples. Our planet is nothing more than a mirror to our own state of being. When you for instance abuse the water, the rivers, the ocean, you damage the water element in yourself too. (The adult body is 75% composed of water).

Humanity seems to have lost its own harmonious sound. We need to re-learn to listen and re-connect with the most elemental energy-sound of the Earth and Cosmos “OHM”.

With the help of sound – the “OHM” sound or sounds related to the elements (air, water, earth, fire and spirit) we will be able to re-balance, and transform the cacophony we experience in our outer and inner worlds into a harmonious sound that is in tune with nature, ourselves and each other. It will help re-align aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment as well as restore spiritual wholeness and overall wellbeing. What can I do to restore the  harmony?

1) Become aware that if we harm nature, we also harm ourselves and vice versa

2) Make time to truly LISTEN in nature, listen to the sound of the trees, the ocean, the birds etc.

3) Be conscious of the sounds you listen to, including your own sounds (and the noise in your head!)

4) Become aware of your thoughts and words (do they sound and feel harmonious?).

Corinne Gans : Teacher/Practitioner of Energy & Sound Healing


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