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Skin Issues in Winter

During winter months we find that the skin
lacks moisture, becomes itchier and tends to be
in some cases, flaky or inflamed. This would be
due to water imbalances in some cases due to
dehydration. One would need to be encouraged
to still consume the recommended 8 glasses
of water a day. This could be in the form of
boiling water with lemon.
It would be important to focus on the inside rather than outside
of the body. Omega 3 oil would be highly beneficial, as a skin
treatment. Supplementation with Zinc and Vitamin C would
encourage the skin to maintain elasticity, assist with itchiness and
wound healing. If one tends to suffer from chilblains then Bromelain,
topical capsicum cream and MSM could also be integrated daily.
Dr. Melissa Brown, Naturopath

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