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Relaxing Into Being: The creative process of Living

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The creative process of Living

That is the best life advice I’ve heard lately: You write, and
only then you figure out what it was that you wanted to say.
Well, life could be just like art. You don’t really know what
you are creating until your work of art is finished: you are
following a creative impulse; you are fully immersed in a
process that is unfolding from somewhere deep inside you,
probably beyond your conscious control; and it might be
difficult, yet it flows… And the art that results is the perfect
creation at that point in time. You know.
But we don’t live this way every day! We live a lot in our
heads, trying to control and preempt, or we feel helpless
in the face of our ever-changing emotions and the
defenses we put up against the world around us. We
react instinctively or as we have always reacted… We are
not truly present in our own lives, most of the time. And
real satisfaction often evades us, as if life were always
So what I am here to say is that you can create your life
at every moment, reaching into all its corners, touching
its full depth, capturing all its meanings at once, by simply
being fully present and open to it, now, allowing it to fill you
completely, indulging in not knowing… Relaxing into being
is essentially about following the principles of creation,every day:
There is something alive in us now: an impulse or a thought
or an emotion that sparks our interest or is maybe creating

discomfort. We stop everything and notice: we look, we

feel, we sense its effect on us. We are taking the time to

dig roots into the moment. By simply paying attention, we
are anchoring ourselves into life. We are also taking a step
back from ourselves, taking some distance from all that is
happening, whilst being in the midst of it.
And now comes the key part: whatever it is, we always
have the choice to not fight it, we can always (try to) allow
and include all our senses in the experience, expanding
our awareness…We are “relaxing” into living, right there,
and then. We are being open to what is showing up: we
are allowing ourselves to be whatever we are, in that
We are ‘getting out of our own way’ so that life can emerge.
As we decide to see life as it is, not as we would like it to be
or as the outside world tells us it should be, joy and energy
come easily. And the beautiful part is that, in this ease, we
know who we need to be or what needs to be done. Every
time. And what we ‘see’ as a result of stopping, noticing,
allowing and experiencing fully is perfect.
Just like an artist is intimate with their art, by relaxing into
being we are practicing deepening our relationship with

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