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PresentChild method®: Help heal your children by healing yourself.

The PresentChild method® was developed by Janita Venema in Holland where it has been helping parents and children for the last 20 years. It is a deep healing technique used to treat a wide range of complaints in children. These may vary from emotional or behavioural issues e.g. anxiety, tantrums or ADHD through to physical complaints e.g. eczema, allergies or recurrent colds.

Fundamental to the method is the concept that our children through their illnesses, behaviours or complaints show us a message about ourselves. When we understand and integrate this message into our inner world our children come into a state of improved health. The PresentChild method® is a precise and direct way of understanding your child’s particular message for yourself. Through healing ourselves our children come into a greater state of health and balance.

A mother described her child’s temper tantrums and meltdowns as well as sibling rivalry, with him often saying that its “unfair”. Through the translation process she recognised her own internal temper tantrums and meltdowns; beating herself up and being angry with herself for that which she hasn’t achieved or done well in and that the way she treats herself is certainly “unfair”. After the translation she reported that the tantrums had vastly improved and that there was more peace and harmony in the home.

Another parent presented with ADD issues; she related that her child struggled to complete his homework and constantly stared out of the window. Through the translation she came to understand that she was deficit of attention for herself. Being a mother of three and running her own business she barely had time for herself and that much of her self work was incomplete. She related that her experience of her life was like looking out of a window of a fast moving vehicle with barely enough time to truly see or experience her life. She immediately made changes in her business and started making time for herself. Her son’s ADD simultaneously improved.

The PresentChild method® offers two areas of engagement. The first is a personal translation; the parent presents (without the child) and tells the storey of the problem in detail. A feedback session follows where the message of the child is explored and understood. Thereafter there is a follow up session to track progress and to take the translation to a deeper level. The second is through a parent workshop. This is an intimate daylong event (max 6 per group) that covers basic theory and hands on translating. The idea of the workshop is to explore the method and to take home some basic translating skills, but also to have a heartfelt experience of it. For many, the parent workshop is an ideal introduction and is healing in itself.

For further information on workshops or translations please contact Dr Michael Bloch on 021 4341068 or Or view the Presentchild method website ,

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