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Medical Intuition

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Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is the
ability to see or sense
what is happening inside
the physical body, its
organs and its systems
as well as work with
the chakras and subtle
bodies. When working as
a Medical Intuitive we are working with the physical,
emotional, mental, spiritual and/or energetic problem.
Our chakras, aura and the cells of the body hold
information. This might include belief systems, patterns,
programmes, memories of this and other lifetimes.
Medical intuitive work might also involve ancestral
healing, inner child work, soul retrieval and so on. The
body and energy systems are communicating all the
time. We constantly receive and transmit information
and we need to understand what the body is trying to
communicate in order to discover the cause of disease
and imbalance and then work with our issues.
As a Medical Intuitive I am clear that I am not medically
qualified. I am therefore unable to provide a medical
diagnosis. If a physiological problem is found during
a healing session then I have to refer that person to a
doctor. We have a clear responsibility and duty of care
to our clients and have to take the appropriate course
of action if necessary. Medical Intuitives would also not
undermine a doctor or the treatment of their patient.
One of the key skills of a Medical Intuitive therefore is
communication, not just with the body but also with the
Sometimes when a client comes for a session they
will give us a diagnosis and/or a list of manifesting
symptoms. We may be drawn to a particular area
or carry out a scan of an organ, through a system or
through the whole body. An assessment is carried out of
any problems, possible causes of those issues and then
healing given to try to bring the body and the energy
systems back into balance. Medical Intuition can bring
amazing results and allow people to reclaim their wellbeing.
Sue Allen is a natural psychic/medium, an accredited
healer, a medical intuitive, psychotherapist, author and
teacher. Her MA is in Psychotherapy and Healing. She
specialises in spirit release and psychic attack and is the
author of the popular book, Spirit Release: A Practical
Handbook. She has featured in various newspapers,
magazines and on radio and is a renowned teacher.
Sue is the Founder and Director of the
School of Intuition & Healing which has
branches in the UK and South Africa.

Sue will be teaching a 2 day Medical
Intuition workshop in Cape Town on the
5th& 6th March 2016. For further information:

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