LinkUp Western Cape

March / April 2013 editorial

Well hello there everyone,

It is nearly the Easter holidays and the end of the

first quarter of the year is looming up on us! For all

those beach bunnies we hope you have enjoyed the

summer thoroughly.

Well done to the winners for the Inner Peace

competition: Christiaan Scheepers, Stacey Liversage,

Noelene van Schoor and Tanya Moorsmann. We trust

that your prize is truly ‘transformational.’

In our competition this time round, two lucky people

can each win one free Shiatsu treatments with Nicole

Harrison. See page 15 for details to enter.

Have you missed an issue? Want to reread a previous

article or use a recipe? Please take time to have a look

at our website and click on

the magazine cover in the middle of the page. Here

you can page through the magazine and access back

copies online.

I am looking forward to the rain & cooler weather.

Till next time, take care!





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