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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally
High blood pressure is a serious health issue that can
potentially result in a heart attack or stroke.
One of the most common underlying causes of high
blood pressure is related to the body producing too
much insulin. Long-term exposure to this hormone may
result in insulin resistance, whereby the cells become
desensitized to insulin. This causes the body to produce
even more insulin and this may contribute to high blood
pressure due to the resulting imbalance in the minerals
magnesium and sodium.
Here are some tips to lower blood pressure naturally:
1. Avoid foods that raise insulin levels: Sugary foods
and grains should be avoided if you have high blood
pressure. This also includes whole grains, as they
rapidly break down to sugars. Foods to avoid include:
• Breads
• Pasta
• Rice
• Cereal
• Potatoes
2. Exercise: Regular exercise can go a long way toward
reducing your insulin levels and your blood pressure.
This doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise; even 30
minutes of gentle walking everyday will help.
3. Use stress management techniques. Learn deep
breathing and meditation techniques to help
manage your stress levels.
4. Optimise your vitamin D levels. It is now becoming
clear that normal Vitamin D levels have a powerful
effect on normalizing your blood pressure. Most
people are low in vitamin D. You can correct this by
spending time in the sun (without sun block) or taking
a vitamin D3 supplement.
Katherine Tudsbury has a Diploma in Nutritional
Medicine from the University of West London.
Cell: 082 2939 408

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