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Life Counselling with Merle Lifson-Dettori

“Each little risk we take brings us closer to our more honest selves.
Each brave step is a celebration of our individuality and inner
strength. It takes courage to live our lives with integrity, making
choices that are congruent with our values and needs. Above all,
confronting our fears, rather than avoiding them, encourages us
and strengthens our ability to make bold, but healthy choices.”
– Author Unknown –
As a Registered Counsellor in Private Practice, I offer a safe,
supportive and compassionate environment and a practical,
holistic and integrated approach to inner healing, guided by
the belief that we all have within us our own innate wisdom, and
that the difficulties and challenges we face, always provide us
with the opportunity to grow in understanding, compassion and
consciousness, and through our pain and our suffering, become
more whole, healthy and authentic human- beings. Depending
on the need, I incorporate into my work a variety of interventions
such as Talk Therapy, IMAGO Methodology in Couple Counselling,
Humanistic and Solution-focussed Brief Therapy, Sandplay, Inner
Child Work, Roleplay, CAPACITAR Stress and Trauma Healing
Techniques, Guided Visualization and Meditation, Collage,
Journaling, Music, Drawing, Sacred Cards, Relaxation and Stress
Management Techniques and generally try and provide resources
to inspire and help develop better Coping Skills.
I believe that communication is ultimately a function of the soul
and that intuition is seeing with the soul. This is what guides and
informs my work. My goal in life is to become
the person my dogs believe me to be.
Merle Lifson-Dettori, Counsellor

083 709 0467

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