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Letting Go


We are all a bit like the Fool in the Tarot in this cycle. He

has to jump over the cliff and finds, to his amazement, he

is caught, held and everything works out perfectly. He

just had to LET GO AND TRUST.

We understand we are individual centres of light within

the Great Field of Light, God, Goddess, All that Is. Our

work is to let that exquisite energy serve us providing

everything we need in any moment. Know ALL ENERGY

IS THERE TO SERVE US. We have in the past imprisoned

ourselves working FOR energy. No more! To receive this

energy is our Divine Right, whether it comes as peace,

love, wisdom, abundance, being in the right place at

the right time, inner guidance. The joy is that it is effortless.

Everything comes to you exactly when you need it and

in the form that is perfect for you, created by the Great

Loving Manifestor, your Higher Self, your soul.

We are all programmed to push ourselves hard. Our

intentions may produce a very good outcome but if we

let go and allow it to come from the New Energy the

outcome may be brilliant!

These words are meant as an encouragement for you to

LET GO, allow yourself to just BE and your beauty to shine

forth. See what happens when you live with effortless

ease. Imagine letting go knowing you are dearly loved,

all your needs are met and you are never alone. That is

the truth. We are coming into an intense time of festivities

and you will find great rewards in practising this.


1. Very simple. At the beginning of your day make the

choice of how you will be. For instance: I really really

really really choose today to let go so energy can

serve me, to go beyond the past, living fully in the

present being the joy which is the expression of my

soul. (The 4 really’s are important).


why you don’t trust (feelings of inadequacy, history,

experience and so on. b) Describe reasons why you

should trust. c) Channel a message about trust from

God, your soul or any Light Being. Burn a) and b) with

a prayer of release.

This process is brilliantly effective.

Natalia Baker : Author, Metaphysical Teacher,

Facilitator … |


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