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LAUGHTER is a powerful healing tool. You cannot laugh and simultaneously hold fear and worry. It aligns the chakras and unifies your Inner Child, Adolescent and Adult. This triggers the creative right brain which releases endorphins into the system (natural anti-biotics) strengthening the immune system. It accelerates any healing process be it physical, emotional or mental. It also changes the vibrations in any situation.

Reflecting on the value of laughter in the face of several deaths around me, including a loved brother, it seemed an almost sacrilegious topic – but it has eased the grief to acknowledge their humour and the times we have laughed and made the losses easier.

If you are taking life too seriously, wrapped up in responsibilities, finding it difficult to see the positive, watch a cartoon. Do you know the ability to laugh at yourself is the path to self-mastery?


If you associate yourself with a cartoon character, or simply create one, it becomes difficult to take things seriously. For instance, if you are angry imagine your nostrils flaring, smoke coming out of your ears, your face as red as a beetroot and feeling you are blown up like a balloon ready to pop. It is difficult to remain in your ego when you do this!

Natalia Baker: Author, Metaphysical Teacher, Facilitator


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