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Laughter Yoga: Laughter is the best medicine

11c Laughter editorial

Laughter is the best medicine!
Health, Joy and World Peace through Laughter
Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where anyone
can learn to laugh for no reason at all! We
don’t need to rely upon comedy or jokes. We
learn unconditional laughter, connecting with our
own innate joy. We practice laughter as an exercise
accompanied with deep breathing, which leaves us
feeling more energised and happy.
Laughter Yoga works on the scientific premise that
the body does not know the difference between fake
laughter and real laughter – so even when we pretend
to laugh the benefits are the same. We can shift a mood
within minutes. When we practice deep belly laughter
for 10 to 15 minutes, endorphins are released, our stress
levels reduce and the immune system increases. Do you
know that 80% of the world’s diseases are stress related?
So, just by practicing daily laughter, we can decrease our
susceptibility to disease.
Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness, when
diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, found that 10
minutes of laughter equalled 2 hours of pain free sleep
– laughter is a natural pain killer of both physical and
emotional pain. It stimulates the release of endorphins
and dopamine, the happiness chemicals in the brain,
giving us a sense of well being.
We laugh to release anxiety and fear – the more stressed
we are the more of a release the laughter is – laughter
can even be a cathartic experience. Laughter is one
of the most primal and powerful social contagions. It
increases the oxygen and blood circulation, which can
lead to creative thinking and regulate blood pressure.
A laughter session involves laughter exercises and through
childlike playfulness and making eye contact with each
other the laughter soon becomes real and contagious. A
laughter yoga session includes laughter meditation and
Laughter Yoga was first introduced by a medical doctor, Dr
Kataria in India in 1995 and is now practiced in thousands
of clubs in more than 74 countries around the world.
Last year I travelled to India and met with Dr Kataria – the
Laughing Guru, I participated in my first laughter retreat &
trained as a Laughter Teacher. My journey with laughter
yoga has been life changing and I’d love more people to
experience these life changing benefits.
Laughter Yoga can be practiced in Social Clubs,
Classes, Workshops, Corporate Wellness Programmes
& One on One Coaching
The best way to find out about Laughter
Yoga is to participate in a session.
To find out more, please view our website or email me

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