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Keep calm and eat well this holiday season

11 Melissa arendse editorial

The festive season is almost upon us and it is often
filled with plenty of stress, alcohol-fuelled parties and
indulging in unhealthy foods. The food you consume
directly affects your wellbeing and mood. Implement
healthy snacks and meals during the festive season to
keep you calm and able to enjoy the holiday season.
Incorporate easy to prepare and healthy dishes into your
festive season menu. These should include avocado,
brown rice, dried fruits, oily fish (especially salmon and
tuna), dark green leafy vegetables, raw nuts and seeds
as well as yoghurt. These foods replenish calcium,
magnesium, phosphorous as well as potassium which
is often depleted by stress. The festive season is often
spent near the barbeque. Healthy animal protein such
as fish or poultry should be grilled instead of barbequed
as fat that drips onto the open flame forms polycyclic
aromatic hydrocarbons, a dangerous carcinogen.
Reduce or eliminate your intake of caffeine, alcohol
as well as refined carbohydrates and sugar. Drinking
enough water is imperative during the holiday season to
stay hydrated and flush out toxins. Incorporate exercise
into your day by playing ball games with the children
in the park or in the swimming pool. Adequate rest is
imperative to rejuvenate the body.
A high potency vitamin and mineral formula, vitamin
B, vitamin C (1000mg daily) as well as omega 3 fatty
acids assists in keeping your immune system strong
and supporting your body when under stress. Inhaling
mandarin or orange essential oils help to elevate the
mood and lavender aids relaxation. Peppermint and
chamomile tea are good options to aid nervous tension
and calm the mind.
Dr Melissa Arendse ND, M. Sc (Cum Laude)
021 914 4576 or 078 192 6944

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