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Kare Landfald on Zen Coaching and what it can do for you


Zen coaching is a simple and powerful process of supporting us to experience our true identity and inner strength. We are born perfect and then, as we grow up, come to believe that we are just not okay. We consequently spend much energy and money trying to ‘fix’ or improve ourselves, and the deeper questions of “Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ never really get answered. Yet it is only when we truly know and love who we are that we come into our full power and fulfillment. More than just a coaching technique to help you get what you want, Zen Coaching helps you to see and access your own inner wisdom and know who you are on a deep experiential level. Then, from that place, you are able to support yourself and others to do the same.

STAY OPEN TO YOUR EXPERIENCE EVEN IF IT’S CHALLENGING: Most of us are conditioned to avoid pain and discomfort at all costs, and Zen Coaching helps us to see that behind pain there is a suppressed longing and it is in being able to access our longings, that they become portals to our inner power. Zen Coaching is a personal growth path as well as a healing and support technique. The essence of Zen Coaching is to liberate us from external refuges and resources, and to find instead the solutions and answers within ourselves.

Zen Coaching was founded by Norwegian born Kare Landfald. Influences such as Thich Nhat Hanh, A.H. Almaas, Candice O’Denver and Marshall B. Rosenberg inform the work. He also has degrees in Philosophy, Management and Information Systems, and earlier worked internationally for the UN and for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He lives in Norway and offers annual Certified Training in Zen coaching in Scandinavia and Poland, and he comes to Cape Town every year to offer Zen Coaching workshops.

For more details see : or contact Charmaine Treherne: tel 072-450-8229 or Regina Lindau: tel 073-969-2267


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