LinkUp Western Cape

July/August 2017 editorial

The deluge on the front cover is my dream for the
Western Cape. Every little drop is precious but we
need so much to return to the water levels of previous
years. Seeing the drying of our notorious Cape winters
makes me wonder how any one can doubt climate
change. Keep on keeping on with your watersaving
Congratulations are in order to Angela Botha, who
won the May Enchantrix hamper and to Fahmida,
the winner of the Wonderbag.
This issue 3 lucky readers stand a chance to win
double tickets to ‘The Missing Piece in YOUR Puzzle,’
an exciting event about Genomics, how your diet,
your lifestyle and your genes all fit together to affect
your health and weight. I attended an event late last
year.It was fascinating and the food was delicious!
Update! Last issue I wrote about the Gnostic Wholistic
Festival which was due to be held 30 June to 2 July.
This event has been postponed and will most likely be
held be held the weekend of the 4th, 5th and 6th of

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