LinkUp Western Cape

July/August 2015 Editorial

In May, I had the privilege of attending the Shibuie workshop
at Art in the Forest that was advertised here recently. What
a wonderful experience! The fun of working with clay. The
frustration of trying to elicit delicate leaves and flowers with
ink and brush and then the satisfaction when you start to
‘get it.’ Then, the pleasure of seeing how your creations
turn out when they emerge from the kiln. Now, I find myself
looking at the world around me in a new light. Do look out
for future workshops.
Congrats are due to Jane Fult who has won a copy of
Rose de la Hunt’s book, Love-Fire. I am sure you will find it
fascinating. And, congrats to Mike Pearlson who has won
the Enchantrix hamper. There is a chance to win another
hamper and, on page x, Jevon Dangeli, tells of a dramatic
event in his life and offers a link where you may download a
free MP3 from his website.
Homeopath, Dr Michael Bloch, tells us about how to help
your children by helping oneself and career coach, Jennifer
Ritchie offers some tips on finding employment.
Till next time

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