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Jasmine Grindlay: Unrealistic Expectations of Others Can Reveal Your Relationship with Yourself

Most of us have seen or heard the following statement, ‘It
is impossible to love others for whom they are, if you do not
accept and love your self first’. The question is, do you, or
why should you believe this statement? I have read a lot
of information concerning this matter, and although each
author expresses the same theme in their own particular
way, this extract below from Inspirational Author, Dr. John
F. Demartini’s book, “The Heart of Love” gave me that ‘let
me just read that again’ food for thought, as it challenged
quite a lot of my own values. It would be interesting to
hear your comments, not on the Author, only about this
particular excerpt.
“If you are ready to let go of the dream of loved ones
who don’t have so-called flaws, then you are ready for
something even greater than the fantasy: fulfillment!
This means that you’re willing to stop imagining that you’ll
parent idealised kids, who are independent… yet always
considerate and kind, and obedient. You’ll quit expecting
a lover to be constantly sexy, turned on, and available
(never tired, irritable, or uninterested). You’ll no longer cling
to the idea of the mythical spouse who’s loyal, supportive,
and non judgemental.
In essence, fulfillment comes from, appreciating both sides,
happiness and sadness, everything that you or society
has misidentified as “good” and “bad”. It comes from
observing your own illusions, acknowledging that your own
perceptions create your experiences, and being willing
to look beyond this to recognise what you and everyone
else are really seeking… which is love. Seeking fulfillment
means looking for love. Yet, as the Great Masters’ assures
us, there’s no search to be done. You must simply wake up
and see you already have it and who you are.
All of us are an expression of love. We’re also independent
and dependent, kind and cruel, obedient and unruly, and
so on. No one has only positive traits; and the minute you
start wishing for someone who does, or start believing that’s
what you or another person should be, you’re living in a
fantasy. But when you start loving whatever parts of yourself
you’ve previously disowned, then you can embrace them
in the world too.
Acknowledge that your disowned self shows up again and
again in the mirror of your relationships!”
Take time this weekend to reflect on your challenges
and see what the mirrors were and then give infinite love
& gratitude to them for the lessons! This way you get to
bring yourself into balance and balance brings you into
the present and the present connects you to your heart
and your heart connects you to your soul and your soul
connects you to Divinity!
When you are connected to Divinity, the light of the soul
illuminates your path!
With Infinite Love & Gratitude, we look forward to hearing
from you.
Jasmine Grindlay
Tel: 072 444 8762 – Cell: 021 790 4198
Seta Certified Life Coach & Mentor
Hypnotherapy Trainer, NLP Practitioner
Human Behaviourist Facilitator

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