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Integrated Ancient Chinese Healing Arts Short Course Program

IACHA – Integrated Ancient Chinese Healing Art Tui Na & De Da “Chinese Treating Massage”:

Overview & Benefits:

A system where the practitioner adjusts and boosts the body to assist the process of healing effecting the resoration of balanced health and well being.

IACHA comprise of :

a) principles related to the Yellow Emperor’s classic texts (Nie Jing).

b) Chinese massage – tui na, de da, pu tong, dian xue & qi an mo.

c) Moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, shou jiao an mo.

d) Chinese health exercises & preservation routines.

Techniques used to achieve this can be singular or combined; dependent on the practitioner.

– Restores & Corrects Imbalances (yin/yang)

– Enhances Mental & Emotional Well-being

-Tonifies & Relaxes Muscles, Joints & Tendons

-Relieves Pain & Swelling

-General Re-alignment

-Invigorates Qi & Blood

-Improves Metabolism

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