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Horse Medicine

Horse Medicine = coaching, counselling and constellations

Working with horses is of tremendous and life-changing value. There is a depth and infinite wisdom to the horse that we have only recently started to recognise and tap into. The predominant mind-set is that horses are for riding; for sport, for competition and that beyond that they are of little use. This is simply not true! The horse is a master teacher, adept at reading energy and body language, easily able to see into our souls.

Horses are natural healers having a profound impact globally in the areas of addiction, trauma, PTSD, autism, depression, a range of psychological, neurological and learning challenges, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

There are many different approaches to working with horses; coaching, counselling and constellating with horses are three examples. No horse experience is required and riding is not the goal.

Coaching is active, practical, and goal orientated, involving tasks that are carried out with one or more horses. Each task is a personal growth challenge; an opportunity for you to stretch yourself beyond your current life framework and understanding, with the intention of moving forward to living the life of your reams.

From a counselling perspective, horses do not judge, are by nature deeply compassionate, curious, and gentle. They are excellent listeners with a whole lot of heart. As prey animals living in a herd, horses seek constantly to live and thrive in harmony and peace.

Simply being close to a horse causes an amplification of what we are feeling; encouraging our emotions, feelings and thoughts to rise to the surface where they can be spoken, begin to unravel and find clarity and resolution.

Family Constellations is a specialized modality founded by Bert Hellinger. In a traditional constellation people or dolls are used to represent the family members of the client. At Medicine Horse we use horses as representatives. It is absolutely incredible to witness the horses at work in a constellation and the results and feedback from clients is profound.

With so much turmoil, confusion, conflict and pressure present in our lives and our world today Horses offer us a life-line; the gift of a fresh perspective; an opportunity to deeply relax, rejuvenate, replenish and resource – so that we can move forward in our lives from a place of grace.

Sam Huckle, Medicine Horse Facilitator


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